Observe firsthand the unique features and benefits provided by Fabriscale.

We would be happy to provide you with a online demo at your convenience. Or we can provide you with an evaluation license for Wingman and Hawk-eye and help you setup it up on your own systems. For onsite evaluation we offer the following:


  • An evaluation of your current system based on simulations. We use this to assess the expected performance improvement that an upgrade to Wingman will provide.
  • 3 days of onsite professional services to help you get started, run selected benchmarks and analyze performance of your main applications.
  • 30 days evaluation license for Wingman and Hawk-eye. If you would like to use any of our products after the end of the evaluation period you can purchase a license at a discount.
  • Free remote support during the evaluation period.
Demo of Facbriscale Technology software allows you to firsthand see the possibilities the software can provide for you

All free of charge, of course, so you get the opportunity to evaluate our products prior to a purchase decision or in anticipation of future funding.