Simple, efficient, plug and play.

Our mission at Fabriscale is to simplify fabric management so you can worry less about configurations and spend more time on value creation, while Fabriscale automatically configures your network for speed and reliability.


Network agnostic operation.

With Fabriscale you no longer have to worry about what your topology looks like or what type of routing to use. Just leave it to Fabriscale to configure your network and the end results will always be fast and reliable.


Fast fault-tolerance

When the network fails the consequences can be dramatic. But with Fabriscale you are protected against the negative consequences of any switch or link failure with sub-second reaction times. Any incidents are handled automatically, transparently, and quickly by the Fabriscale routing engine.

Pilot users get early access to Fabriscale and its unique features and benefits.

We will contact you to learn about your network and we will suggest a free of charge pilot project suited to your business’ needs.
Then, the Fabriscale team will help you test and implement the product on your test or  production systems.
We offer free support during testing.

Our team!

Dr. Sven-Arne Reinemo

Sven-Arne has a passion for high performance networking, routing algorithms, and fault-tolerance. He believes in simplicity and he started Fabriscale because he wants to make fabric management easy.

Professor Tor Skeie.

Tor has an extensive research background in routing algorithms, topologies and Industrial Ethernet. He started Fabriscale because he believes the time has come to revolutionize fabric management.

Dr. Haakon Bryhni

Product manager
Haakon has a research background in cluster networks, operating systems and performance evaluation. He joined Fabriscale because he believes in smarter software for interconnecting computers.