Fabriscale Wingman is an InfiniBand fabric manager that ensures more efficient and reliable operation of your InfiniBand cluster.

  • Wingman provides optimized routing to maximize data center and cluster productivity.
  • Wingman provides fast fault-tolerance capabilities along with graceful degradation in presence of faults.
  • Wingman supports dynamic partitioning for on the fly creation and deletion of InfiniBand partitions.
  • Wingman supports using multiple virtual lanes for routing and custom configuration of the traffic distribution across virtual lanes.

Wingman outperforms any equivalent software solutions on the market today. Recent benchmarks from the Abel system at the University of Oslo, Norway, show that you can reduce application runtime by up to 40% just by choosing Fabriscale Wingman for managing your InfiniBand cluster.

The Fabriscale Wingman software optimise routing and can increase performance and reliability of your InfiniBand network.