Fabriscale’s solutions are built around an engineered software platform that is designed and optimised for extreme network performance, excellent scalability, and superior ease of use. Building on this platform Fabriscale provides state-of-the-art fabric management capabilities with Wingman, and network intelligence and an analytics platform with Hawk-eye, giving you the performance and insight required to solve new challenges in business, science and engineering.

Our mission at Fabriscale is to simplify fabric management so you can worry less about configurations and spend more time on value creation, while Fabriscale automatically configures your fabric to maximise data center productivity.

Fabriscale Wingman is an InfiniBand fabric manager that ensures more efficient and reliable operation of your InfiniBand cluster.

Fabriscale Hawk-eye is an InfiniBand monitoring Real-Time analytics platform that provides visual insight into the status of your InfiniBand cluster.