The Fabriscale pilot program provides organizations with the opportunity to evaluate the Fabriscale fabric manager prior to a purchase decision or in anticipation of future funding. The pilot program ensures that organizations observe firsthand the unique features and benefits provided by Fabriscale.

Fabriscale specializes in fabric management software with an emphasis on smart algorithms that simplify network configuration, management and routing. The Fabriscale Fabric Manager (FFM) for InfiniBand provides superior routing performance, fast fault-tolerance, user friendly network monitoring, and flexible integration with resource manager such as the open source SLURM or Adaptive Computing’s Moab. By signing up for the Fabriscale pilot program you get a unique chance to test the Fabriscale fabric manager free of charge. The pilot program includes the following:

  • An evaluation of your current system based on simulations. We use this to assess the expected performance improvement that an upgrade to the FFM will provide.
  • 3 days of onsite professional services to help you get started, run selected benchmarks and analyze performance of your main applications.
  • 30 days evaluation license for the FFM. If you would like to use the FFM after the end of the evaluation period you can purchase a perpetual license at a discount.
  • Free support during the evaluation period.
  • An assessment of the expected return on investment provided by the FFM for your organisation.

At the end of the pilot program you and your team will know what it’s actually like to use our fabric manager, not just how a sales representative would position it. You will experience the value of using the FFM firsthand so we do not have to convince you.

Please fill in the form on the right and we will contact you or send us an email at for more information.